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Resistance Band Circuit Workout Explained

Perform all of these exercises for as many reps as you’d like, but we’ve provided a recommendation for reps. Perform the entire workout for either 1, 2 or 3 sets. Lateral Shoulder Raise (single arm) – 15 reps How to: Hold the resistance band in your right hand. Place the other side of the resistance […]

D’var Torah – Pinchas

From my social media, it looked like everyone saw Hamilton this week. Whether it was your first time, or you had seen it onstage, it is a lot of fun to share in this collective experience. I personally, love the songs around the Revolutionary War, especially “Here Comes the General.” In the song we see […]

This week’s RSA BaBayit programs

Sunday Preview Click here to check out this week’s edition of RSA’s Sunday Preview ————————————————————————————— Major Monday: Come ready to challenge yourself and start the week off right! We will work on improving fundamentals, perfecting techniques, and more. Our coaches can’t wait to see you out there! Click on the sport for the zoom link. […]

How one Family is Using the RSA Schedule to Help Frame Their Day!

By Bracha Hermon The first day we were home, I found myself crying in frustration. Breakfast bled into lunch, which bled into dinner. My two sons milled around and snacked incessantly. Popcorn covered our newly washed floors. They begged for hot chocolate and then walked around our small Jerusalem apartment with sticky mugs and sticky […]

Meet Our Mishlachat

Our three shlichim (Israeli emissaries), Hadas, Shir, and Or, spent a week at the Shefayim Retreat Center at Kibbutz Shefayim participating in a training seminar for over 1000 shlichim that will be working at Jewish camps in North America this summer.