Meet Our Mishlachat

By Jesse Nagelberg - 25 April 2018

Our three shlichim (Israeli emissaries), Hadas, Shir, and Or, spent a week at the Shefayim Retreat Center at Kibbutz Shefayim participating in a training seminar for over 1000 shlichim that will be working at Jewish camps in North America this summer. They spent the week learning about American Jews, Jewish Camping, and Camp Ramah. Though the seminar was busy, they found a few moments to send us a hello and show off their new RSA shirts. Check out the video and keep reading below to learn more about this fantastic trio.

Meet Or Shalom

My name is Or Shalom, I am 22.5 years old from Nahariya, Israel. I’m very excited to meet all the staff and the athletes and even more excited about our summer together! I’m looking forward to learning about American culture and to sharing Israeli culture together with sports. See you this summer!

Meet Hadas Prawer

My name is Hadas Prawer I’m 21 years old from Mevasert Zion, Israel. I recently finished my service in the IDF and I have been working as a basketball coach for PeacePlayers and as a soccer coach for the Perez Center for Peace. I am super excited to come to camp this summer, to experience, to learn, to meet new people, and to pass on my knowledge about Israel, soccer, and basketball.

Meet Shir Huber

My name is Shir Huber. I’m so excited to come to camp. After 3 years in the army, there is no better way to start adult life than work in a sport camp. I’m excited to see kids with passion for sports and to teach them what I can about sports and Israel.

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