Ramah Sports Academy

Facilities & Location

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Our Location

The Ramah Sports Academy is located on the beautiful campus of Cheshire Academy in Cheshire, Connecticut, located 1.5 hours from NYC and 2.5 hours from Boston.

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Athletic Facilities

Cheshire Academy is a private college preparatory boarding school with premier athletic facilities. Multiple gymnasiums, a field house, beautiful fields, strength and conditioning studios, and an indoor pool make it the ideal setting for RSA.


Dorms & Dining

Campers and counselors live in a beautiful dorms in a private bucolic setting. RAMAH has exclusive use of this facility, which has its own kosher kitchen and indoor gathering spaces. Rooms house up to four people and and share bathrooms and showers. Campers of similar ages live together in rooms adjacent to staff, to ensure appropriate supervision and accessibility.

FAQ's about our site at Cheshire Academy

● Why is RSA moving?
○ We are fortunate to have had two amazing summers at Fairfield University and truly cherished our time there. Based on our success, we have outgrown the dorms and facilities that are available to us at Fairfield. We are excited to move to an exclusive property and to now have access to more sports and programming facilities.

● Where is Cheshire Academy?
○ Cheshire Academy is located in the quaint New England town of Cheshire, CT, midway between Boston and New York. The Academy’s beautiful104-acre campus is less than a half hour from New Haven, CT, ( and an hour and a half from New York City.

● How will the move affect RSA’s camp program?
○ The move to Cheshire Academy will enhance our camp program! We will have the exclusive use of the campus during the summer, with access to the entire facility. This will allow us to run the highest quality program and to truly build our schedule around our needs as a camp community. We are excited to bring our Ramah ruach (spirit) to the Cheshire campus.

● What is RSA gaining from relocating to Cheshire?
○ Our summer home at Cheshire Academy is a huge benefit for RSA. At Cheshire, we will better be able to create the camp environment we strive for each summer. We will be able to ensure that our athletes have use of sports fields and courts at all times of the day and that our dorms, programmatic spaces, and dining hall, are always filled with RSA ruach and enthusiasm.

● What about the food?
○ FLIK,Cheshire Academy’s year round dining service, will provide the RSA community with a nutritious and delicious kosher menu for our summer program. The FLIK team is dedicated to working with us to support the dietary needs (GF, vegetarian, nut free, etc.) of our campers. RSA will provide Kashrut supervision.

● What facilities does Cheshire Academy have?
○ Field house
■ Basketball courts (2 full-sized courts, one of which can be used for volleyball)
■ Pool
■ Exercise room (older campers only, under supervision)
○ Tennis courts
○ Turf and grass fields (for soccer, flag football, etc.)
○ Baseball field
○ Softball field
○ Yoga studio
○ Dining hall
○ Dormitories (5 centrally located buildings)
○ Art building
○ Multi-purpose space
○ Indoor amphitheater

● What are the facilities like?
○ Incredible! We could not have found a better location. The facilities at Cheshire Academy’s beautiful tree-filled campus are state of the art and are maintained by the on-site facilities team.

● Who will handle security?
○ Cheshire Academy’s full-time on-site security team and the local Cheshire Police Department will provide security.

● How does this impact travel to camp?
○ It does not! Cheshire Academy is less than two hours from New York City and two hours from Boston. The central location makes it easy to get to, and it is within driving distance of several large airports.

● How will RSA handle COVID-19 at this new location?
○ RSA’s exclusivity at Cheshire Academy will allow us to limit interactions with other individuals. We will work closely with Cheshire Academy and the National Ramah Medical Committee to create protocols that will ensure the safety and health of our camp community.

● What are the living and sleeping accommodations?
○ Campers will live two per room in dormitories with shared hallway restrooms.We are excited that the new dorms offer a greater number of communal spaces and opportunities for community building.