Ramah Sports Academy

Facilities & Location

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Our Location

Ramah Sports Academy is located on the beautiful campus of Monterey Bay Academy near Watsonville, California. It is located about an hour south of the Bay Area on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Athletic Facilities

MBA is a private college prep high school with premier athletic facilities. With a high-level basketball facility, pristine grass fields, and perfect weather for athletics, MBA has everything RSA needs.

Dorms & Dining

Campers and counselors live in communal dorm rooms of up to four people with shared bathrooms and showers. Campers of similar ages live together in rooms adjacent to staff, to ensure appropriate supervision and accessibility.

MBA is turning over its kitchen to RSA. The kitchen will be fully Kashered, and the RSA team will be building a nutritious, varied, and child-friendly menu.

FAQ's for MBA

● Why is RSA moving?
○ Although we had a great summer in 2022 at F&M, our new facility will allow us to address several areas of recommended improvements identified in our camper surveys, especially regarding security and dining services. We’ll be able to better control our surroundings in the closed environment of a secure campus, and enhance our dining experience with added oversight of the kitchen and menu. We are grateful to F&M for providing us a temporary home in 2022, and we are really excited about making MBA our new home. 

● Where is MBA?
○ MBA is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, just over an hour’s drive from San Jose. The campus is easy to get to by car or by plane given the proximity to the Bay Area’s major international airports. RSA will continue to provide transportation for our campers arriving from more distant locations including chaperones flights from New York and airport shuttles.

● How will the move affect RSA’s camp program?
○ The move to MBA will enhance our camp program! We are so excited to have exclusive use of MBA’s beautiful campus. With plenty of indoor and outdoor program space, RSA can offer more varied programs beyond just our core sports. And of course, sports will still be the center of our program. With pristine soccer fields, a high-level basketball center, access to the school’s weight room, and plenty of nearby running trails, our sports programs will have everything RSA needs and more. We could not have found a better long-term home. 

● What about the food?
○ For this summer, we will be taking over the MBA dining hall and turning it into a fully Kosher facility. We can assure you that we’ll be putting together a varied, healthy, and camper-friendly menu. 

● What facilities does MBA have?

MBA’s facilities are beautifully maintained and include:

  • Indoor Basketball Gym
    • 6 baskets
  • Weight Room
    • Free weights & machines
    • Strength and conditioning space
  • Grass fields (for soccer, flag football, etc.)
  • Kosher Dining hall
  • Dormitories
  • Private Beach
  • Heated outdoor swimming pool
  • Indoor multi-purpose space and outdoor areas for our full range of programming, community building, and summer fun.

● What are the living and sleeping accommodations?
○ Campers will live with up to four campers per room in dormitories with shared restrooms. Counselors will be living on each floor for supervision and support.