Ramah Sports Academy

Jewish Life

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At RSA, Jewish values, culture, and ritual observances are emphasized in an environment where young athletes feel comfortable: at sports camp! Campers learn the importance of values and mutual respect in practice and competition through modeling and coaching by our devoted staff. Our goal is for kids to gain confidence in themselves and their teammates and to develop empathy and leadership skills, all in a supportive, fun environment. Intertwined in the normal routine, campers participate in an exciting approach to Jewish sports education based upon a newly developed innovative curriculum centered on Jews and sports in North America and Israel. Daily prayers at RSA are innovative and designed to appeal to athletes, and Hebrew language is seamlessly woven into camp activities.


Shabbat is a time to rest after a week of intense training, and an opportunity to bond and celebrate as a community. In addition to traditional Shabbat activities, such as festive meals, singing and dancing, and inspirational services, campers have the opportunity to enjoy less formally structured sports and games.