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D’var Torah Matot Masei

After a disappointing end to my 8th grade basketball season, I was determined to improve. The summer before entering high school, I set a goal to shoot at least 90% from the free-throw line and shoot at least 100 baskets a day. As athletes, we understand the importance of setting goals and putting in the […]

Resistance Band Circuit Workout Explained

Perform all of these exercises for as many reps as you’d like, but we’ve provided a recommendation for reps. Perform the entire workout for either 1, 2 or 3 sets. Lateral Shoulder Raise (single arm) – 15 reps How to: Hold the resistance band in your right hand. Place the other side of the resistance […]

D’var Torah – Pinchas

From my social media, it looked like everyone saw Hamilton this week. Whether it was your first time, or you had seen it onstage, it is a lot of fun to share in this collective experience. I personally, love the songs around the Revolutionary War, especially “Here Comes the General.” In the song we see […]