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RSA with RSA רמה ספורט בבית

Remote Sports Access with Ramah Sports Academy

Sports themed movies, with important lessons, to watch
with your family!

The RookieKochavim כוכבים – current 3rd and 4th graders

The Rookie:Based on a true story, high school coach Jim Morris lives his dream when he becomes the oldest rookie in the major leagues.
Watch on Disney +

Runners Up: Space Jam (Netflix) and Everyone’s Hero (Amazon Prime)

Double TeamedShoafim שואפים – current 5th and 6th graders

Double Teamed: Twins Heidi and Heather Burge take an unusual route to becoming WNBA stars. As teens, the girls enroll in a large high school in hopes of being noticed by college talent scouts
Watch on Disney +

Runners Up: Full Court Miracle (Disney +) and Queen of Kwate (Disney +)

MiracleAlufim אלופים – current 7th and 8th graders

Miracle: When college coach Herb Brooks is hired to helm the 1980 U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team, he brings a unique and brash style to the ice. As the U.S. squad tries to overcome insurmountable odds and win the gold medal, the team becomes a microcosm for American patriotism during the Cold War.
Watch on Netflix

Runners Up: The Blind Side (Amazon Prime) and A League of their Own (Amazon Prime)

Remember the TitansBogrim בוגרים – current 9th and 10th graders

Remember the Titans: The story of a newly appointed African-American football coach and his high school team in their first season as a racially integrated unit in 1970’s Virginia.
Watch on Disney +

Runners Up: Coach Carter (Netflix) and Courage to Soar (Hulu)

מידה Middah Inspired Discussion Guide

We hope that these discussion questions, based on our camp midot, will help your family have a meaningful conversation about the movie you chose to watch.

  • What do we learn about the importance of אמון (coach ability) from the characters in the movie? Have you ever been resistant to learning from a coach?
  • What are examples of how אומץ (courage) in shown as people try to pursue their dreams? What is a time where you have been the underdog and displayed אומץ?
  • How much of a role does חדוה (joy) take in success? How far can pure love of a game take us?
  • Despite their differences, arguments, perspectives, we often see people come together. What role does קשר (connection) to the game, to other people, to family, play in one ability to succeed?
  • It is great to have a lot of גאווה (pride). But, can you ever have too much?When does having too much גאווה become a challenge?
  • We are always reminded on the importance of כבוד (respect). During the movie where did showing כבוד pay off? Where did not showing כבוד make things more difficult?