Meet Our 2019 Coaches

By Dave Levy - 1 May 2019

Logan Barer

Head Baseball Coach

Logan has coached at the world-renowned Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy in Stamford, Connecticut. Logan was a four-year varsity pitcher at sixth-ranked Ithaca College. Logan expresses his passion for baseball and for Ramah as follows: “I love baseball through and through — talking about it, coaching it, and playing it. I am very excited to be working with Camp Ramah for many reasons, first and foremost being that my brother has been a camper for almost 10 years now in the Tikvah program. I am grateful to Ramah for how they treat my brother, and now I am grateful for this opportunity to share my love of baseball with Jewish campers! Who knows, maybe we’ll find the next Sandy Koufax or Hank Greenberg!”

Shaked Cohen

Head Volleyball Coach

Shaked Cohen lives Kiryat Ata in Israel and just finished her military service as a Combat Fitness Instructor. She is currently a professional volleyball player in the Israeli National League. Shaked also spends time working as a fitness coach and personal trainer. This past summer she became a certified volleyball coach through Wingate Academy, where she coached a youth volleyball team. “I am highly motivated and hope to be able to pass on that passion. I want to inspire kids, and especially young girls, to reach for the stars and reach for the ball!”

Clive Ullyett

Head Tennis Coach

Ramah Sports Academy is partnering with adidas Tennis Camps to offer tennis instruction led by Clive Ullyett. Clive was a nationally ranked tennis player in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. Before attending university, Clive was part of a world ranked doubles tennis team. Clive has worked with nationally ranked junior and collegiate players and has been at Proform Tennis Academy since its inception. He has also been a head coach at the Tokeneke Club and The Field Club of Greenwich.

Andrew Wallace

Head Basketball Coach

Andrew Wallace is a passionate basketball coach who owns and runs a basketball training club in London, England. Andrew grew up in France with British parents where he started playing basketball from the age of 4. Andrew represented England’s U16 team at the European Championships, where he was voted “MVP.” In 2006, he was invited by the “GOAT himself,” Michael Jordan, to attend his Nike Camp. For the past six years, Andrew has been involved in coaching basketball in England as the Academy Manager for the Richmond Knights, where he worked and helped build one of the most successful junior clubs in the country.

David Brown

Head Soccer Coach

David was born and raised in Jamaica and has coached children from 18 months to 16 years old for over eight years. David’s passion for coaching comes from his love of the game. He played for the US national team at the age of 18 and played on the collegiate level as well. “I have found a great love for coaching and sharing my experience with children of all ages. Coaching for me isn’t just a hobby, it’s my passion and my love for teaching is shown during my sessions.”

Emily Holman

Head Swim Coach

Our head swim coach, Emily Holman, is the captain Fairfield University’s’ Division 1 swim team. Emily is a two-time MAAC champion and has been swimming since she was eight years old. Emily is lifeguard and CPR certified by the American Heart Association. For the past three years, she has been a swim coach and head lifeguard at Wilcox Pool in Portland.

Phil Goldberg

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Phil is an experienced personal trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also certified as a Level 2 strength and conditioning coach by the International Sports Science Association. Phil currently serves as the Athletic Director at Carmel Academy in Connecticut, where he has worked since 2010. One of Phil’s goals at RSA “is to educate campers so they understand the physics behind their movements. The more they understand the more they can maximize their potential as strong and confident athletes. I’m looking forward to strengthening RSA campers physically and mentally, all in a fun and supportive environment.”


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